Advisory Board Formed


In the beginning...

The impetus to establish the Hornby Fund came from a large community meeting (approx. 45 community members were in attendance, with a wide representation from the island non-profit groups that were in existence at that time) held in the year 2000. There was unanimous support from all in attendance to create our own community fund to help address financial needs for various community groups and projects; to decrease the reliance on government funding; to increase our local autonomy; and to support long term sustainability for capital projects of local groups. 

After researching the possibilities and meeting with Stan Hagen (the M.L.A. at the time, and a founding member of the Comox Valley Community Foundation), all agreed that it would make the most sense to set up a Hornby Community Fund within the Comox Valley Community Foundation, instead of creating an entirely separate Foundation. At the time, volunteer organizers felt that we did not have the capacity to manage all the legal, administrative, government requirements, investment decision making, etc. to “go it alone”. Hence a business arrangement was formed with the Comox Valley Foundation. To ensure that local control was still maintained, additionally an alliance was formed with the Hornby Island Education Society. (HIES). HIES had administrative capacity and charitable status that became an integral part of the plan. 

A local Community Advisory Board of respected and dedicated volunteers became responsible for determining policy and direction, educating the community about the fund, soliciting donations, and developing and maintaining criteria for disbursement of the grants. These advisors additionally charged with providing information on funding sources and fundraising techniques to support the fundraising efforts of community groups. 


  • Anne Carney
  • Brenda Cha
  • Robin de Lavis
  • Gary Duke
  • JoAnn Harrison
  • April Lewis
  • Charmaine Logan
  • Angie Read 
  • Karen Ross
  • Eva Wetzel


  • Bill Adams
  • Dennis Anholt
  • Moira Armour · 
  • Joan Brears  
  • Lynne Carmichael
  • John Farquhar
  • Eleanor Laffin · 
  • Linda Manzer · 
  • Sheila McDonnell · 
  • Arne Olsen  
  • Daniel Siegel
  • Peter Wardle
  • Chris Weixelbaumer
  • Wayne Wiens

A sincere thanks to all those that serve on this Advisory Board for their dedication in making Hornby dreams come true!