Book Sale Bonus


We must have been good

The Book Sale has been operating as a Community Fund benefit since 2012. Previously, Hornby’s United Grandmothers and Grandsisters (HUGGS) managed the sale as a benefit for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and before that Jo Jeffries used it as a fundraiser for Tibetan childrens’ education.   

Terms of Reference for this money

So how have we done for the Community Fund? Well, in 2012 we raised $4944 and every year we’ve pushed the total up. Last year, 2016, we hit $6665!  Where does it go? Most funds raised by the Community Fund are deposited in a permanent foundation and the interest is distributed to Island initiatives. But Book Sale revenue is different. Each year, every dime is put back into the community. Grant recipients span a range of worthy projects that make our island a better place to live; arts and culture, recreation, environmental protection, economic development, social growth. Some examples: the radio station gets assistance for a new transmitter, the tennis courts get resurfaced, Elder Housing has some renovation assistance, ISLA gets help with capital development, Joe King Park gets a new kitchen, and lots more. All good causes right here on Hornby Island.   

Unsung heroes

A few words about the people behind this project: Eva is our trusted coordinator, keeping us all marching more or less in step. Jeanette, with help from Judith, Carol and Jean, manage the sorting, pricing and compiling of thousands of books. Margot, with her squadron of cashiers, keeps track of the financial side and she also arranges the flurry of lorries that transport all the equipment and books to and from the school on the big weekend. Lindsay takes care of communications. And we all, particularly Eva, Margo, Ellie, Doug and Elspeth, pack books around, and there’s a lot of schlepping – each book moves at least five times. Lots of folk not mentioned – you know who you are.  The really important people are you and other wonderful people like you who have read a book and whether you enjoyed it or not, are ready to pass it on to others. All our success is due to people who give us books. Thank You.   

When and Where

So at the time of this writing we’re gearing up for the 2017 Hornby Island Community Fund Book Sale. Dozens of people all over the Island start gathering, sorting and packing books. As before, you can bring them to Jean Christie’s, 3750 Slade Road. Small amounts can be dropped in the Co-op basement and if you have a large haul give Eva a call at 335-0018 – we’ll happily organize transport. We welcome all genres: the great, the almost great and the greatly deplorable, any size, any age. Books that are excessively damaged or soiled should, however, go to the Free Store or Recycling Depot along with magazines and video/audio cassettes. We’ll collect books from now until July 22 but we appreciate early donations. Write yourself a note now: the sale takes place July 29 and 30 in the school gym.    

Buy a book, read a book, donate a book – repeat – and grow a community. And it feels good.