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What to do? Every time a large event was hosted on the island a substantial amount of money was being spent for renting party and event supplies from Courtenay. A simple solution, keep the money local: To address the perceived need, the Community Fund invested in a complete set of supplies, everything needed to host an event on the island. These supplies are now available for rent to the public, and other island groups, and the net proceeds contribute money to the Community Fund. 

Rentals Price List

 Item & Rental Rate:  

  • Dinner Plates: $6 per dozen
  • Dessert Plates: $5 per dozen
  • Wine Glasses: $7 per dozen
  • Glasses: $6 per dozen
  • Mugs: $6 per dozen
  • Knives: $4 per dozen
  • Forks: $4 per dozen
  • Spoons: $4 per dozen
  • Large Platter: $7 each
  • Small Platter: $5 each
  • Pepper & Salt Shakers (unfilled): $1 for pair
  • Table Cloths (white): $6 each
  • Tables (white): $9 each
  • Chairs (white folding): $1.50 each                                                                     
  • Vases                                      
  • Champagne Flutes                              
  • Napkins


What others are saying

Getting our rentals locally was so much easier than bringing them from off island.  AL

Charmaine was very accommodating and helpful when we needed to rent some extra glasses for a party.  KR

For our big day we got everything we needed, except a tent, from the community fund.  Fantastic service!  BC 

Contact our Party Rental Coordinator

Contact Email: Angela Read, Board Volunteer Coordinator:

More island services

If you are planning a big event, the local Economic Enhancement Corporation (HICEEC) has done up an awesome PLANNER with local services listed.  A fantastic resource for planning a wedding!